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Essential Trucking Business Support Services

As well as maintaining your trucking authorities, eTruck Permits works with industry partners to provide essential support services to benefit your company.

Fuel Cards

Protect your bottom line with huge savings every month on your trucking company’s largest operating expense.

Freight Factoring

Immediate access to working capital – Get Paid Fast

Full Suite of Trucking Business Services

Today’s trucking companies need support to retain authorities, keep up with tax filings, maintain cash flow and so much more. eTruck Permits provides a full suite of services to keep your trucks moving and your business profitable.

Why Choose eTruck Permits

  • Established in 2003
  • One Stop for Regulatory Compliance
  • Fast, Efficient Customer Service
  • Registered as a FMCSA Filer

Why Use a Registered FMCSA Filer

The trucking industry is highly regulated by federal and state level government agencies. All trucking companies operating commercial vehicles in interstate commerce are required to have operating authority from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Obtaining MC authority involves a mountain of paperwork and weeks to months of time to complete. Avoid possible costly mistakes as you navigate through the lengthy processes of government regulations. Using a registered FMCSA filer like eTruck Permits will save you time and aggravation.

Fast, Efficient and Cost-Effective Service for Your Trucking Company

We remove the complications associated with regulatory compliance by providing a hands free service. Simply contact us with your company information and we will do the rest, so you can concentrate on your company’s success. From our main office in Fresno, California, E Truck Permits provides fast, efficientand cost-effective service to customers across the United States.

Our Business Success is Rooted in Experience

We know trucking, and more importantly, we know the ins and outs of the administrative end of the business. Our founding president, Amar Sandhu has extensive industry experience from behind the desk in an accounting role and behind the wheel as a truck operator. This practical office and road experience is enhanced with a background in computer and information technologies. Rooted in experience, the management of eTruck Permits ensures reliable electronic administrative services to save you time and stress from the long process of obtaining all of your trucking company regulatory requirements.

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